Happy Birthday from the Organ Grinder!

The Organ Grinder restaurants in Portland and Denver were special places to spend your birthday back in the 70’s, 80’s, and into the 90’s. Now, you can send an Organ Grinder birthday greeting to anyone by sharing this video’s YouTube link.

The clip used here was recorded at the Portland location in 1996, shortly before the restaurant closed.

Performing is veteran organist and Organ Grinder original Paul Quarino. Original video recorded by Thomas Larson and mixed with additional audio provided by Judy Hedberg. (Used with permission.)

A technical note: There were two videos recorded on the same evening, one from the left side (which is what you see), and one from the right side. By combining the audio from both recordings, it was possible to create an authentic stereo mix, bringing the sound to life – what luck!

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