Bonus Feature – The Eclectic Sounds of the Mary L. Collins Organ – Jonas Nordwall

As part of the documentary project, Jonas Nordwall sat for an extended interview.

Jonas is the Organist and Artistic Director of Music at First United Methodist Church, Portland, Oregon. He was also very well known as a performer at the Organ Grinder restaurants.

At the end, he gave us a demonstration of the Mary L. Collins organ, which has been rebuilt and enlarged by Rose City Organ Builders Inc. and Zollman Organ Co. Jonas and his son Chris continue to refine its ever expanding tonal palette.

It is a versatile instrument that can play multiple styles of organ music, from classical to theatre.

At the end of the demo, Jonas performs the “Superman March” (this portion was previously published in another video as well). This was always a crowd-pleasing number at the Organ Grinder restaurant.

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