A man raised about 20ft off the ground by a bucket truck waves as he leans on the original Organ Grinder restaurant sign (the portion that looks like a monkey) on 82nd Ave. in Portland in 1973.

Welcome and Introduction

“Guess What’s Coming” – Those were the words on the new sign outside the first Organ Grinder restaurant in Portland as it was nearing completion in 1973.

It’s a very appropriate phrase, as something new is coming – a documentary film project which seeks to tell the whole story behind the rise and fall of the restaurants, the organs, the monkeys (!), and all the people involved.

I’ll be conducting interviews with a number of the original people including the founder, and I have access to an extensive archive of materials, but I’d also very much like to include the perspective of fans and patrons of the place, your experiences, and how it may have influenced your life.

I’m also seeking any materials such as home videos, news clippings, photos, etc. This story isn’t complete without the voices of the fans! If you’re interested in participating or providing materials, please Contact Us.

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