The Engulfed Cathedral Floats!

A whimsical, musical re-creation of a 30-year-old poster from the Organ Grinder restaurant. (Details about the poster at the end of the video.)

Presented in 5.1 Channel Surround on Supported Devices.

Audio Warning: Turn your volume down at the end of the video! As of 2024 when this was uploaded, YouTube plays 5.1 content at a much lower volume than regular stereo content.

Music: “La cathédrale engloutie” (The Sunken Cathedral) by Claude Debussy.

Performed by Jonas Nordwall at Organ Grinder Denver, June, 1984 (with audio processing embellishments added for this video.)

In 1983, the Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz (now the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival) released a promotional poster of a piano floating on a lake.

In the mid 1990’s, inspired by the Jazz Festival poster, Organ Grinder co-owners Dennis & Judy Hedberg decided to create a homage…

They made the trek to picturesque Trillium Lake, south of Mt. Hood, and took a photograph from the same vantage point.

An artist used a photograph of the Organ Grinder console, removed the railing and chrome control panel, and superimposed the console on the lake.

The resulting image was used on a magazine cover, and as an Organ Grinder promotional poster.

In 2024, as part of the Organ Grinder Documentary Project, filmmaker Bob Richardson set out to recreate the iconic image.

Standing in the exact same spot as Dennis and Judy did, approximately 30 years later, Bob set up two cameras – One to take high-resolution stills, and one to record motion to create the “living poster” which debuted in this video.

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